Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hooray! Chelsea's Spending Their Money Again!

Shevchenko agrees Chelsea deal. Ballack to follow suit

Ooo! what a wonderful news to start off your day! So according to various English newspaper, Chelsea have already agreed a deal to bring in Andriy Shevchenko and the contract will net him 110K POUNDS PER WEEK and that is equivalent of..310K SING DOLLARS PER WEEK. So Chelsea, as usual splashing money here and there..claiming they will be self-sustainable in 3-5 years time...they must have hired some real lousy accountant. Not to forget Michael Ballack is joining them next season too! Oh how exciting. We might as well all take a break from football next season. Click here for more. (PS: Rivand! Time for you to support Chelsea alrdy! hahahaha)

Champions League Watch: 2nd Night
Inter 2 Villarreal 1
Lyon 0 AC Milan 0

Quote of the Week

"Sometimes I dive, sometimes I stand up..No! no, no I don't dive!"
Surprise surprise...Didier Drogba

Somebody Made Singapore Famous on Football365 again!
So this guy from SG sent a 'joke' to Football365 and you know..its so..not funny and this will cement SG as the most 'unhumorous' bunch of people on earth. The joke is...

Why is Chelsea like a submarine?
-All hands on deck, DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!

we know what you're trying to say but..try harder.

haha until next time..tata!

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