Saturday, April 01, 2006

Update About My Life(In Case People Complain Again)

Hi, okay this few days have been pretty football-y over here so alot of ahem, girls, say i must write more about myself. Grr. Okay actually yesterday went out with my primary school friends again and it was pretty fun i guess. Met up in the KBox at Paradiz and i was there for a mini Wang Lee Hom concert. HAHA. ya you know i'm simply not in touch with all the chinese songs and will get kinda emotional listening to those really depressing ones, so i paid 25 bucks to sit there and sip my drinks away for arnd..5hours! haha i simply didn't do any singing at all as you know..i dont sing.

After the singing marathon, we went down to that food centre beside Meridian for supper. Talked for around 2-3hrs? From pai-kias to army torture technique. Everything under the moon actually. Afterwhich we dont feel like sitting down anymore so..we actually wanted to walk to a cemetry near SJI but you know, gave up halfway! Ended up sitting inside the MRT stations talking rubbish again, waiting for bus to come.Reached home at around 7 and...took me quite awhile before i fell asleep. Alright hope to see you guys again soon! See what our organiser Alina got up her sleeves.

Footie Jokes!
Most of this are found either in the or forums.

-After Liverpool's 7-0 thrashing of Birmingham City, their manager, Steve Bruce was sleeping and the next morning his wife shouted at him "Stevie! It's 8!!". Bruce shouted back"GOD!, THEY SCORED AGAIN?"

-Philip and Gary Neville brought their dog into a bar one day. Then a men walked into the bar, lifted the dog's tail and look at its arse, and then walked off. They're puzzled at what he's doing but continue drinking. 5 minutes later, the same man did the same thing again. So Gary was pretty pissed as usual asked the men "what on earth are you doing to our dog?"."The bouncer outside told me" the man said," that there is a dog with 2 as*holes inside the bar".

-Newspaper reports that Marseille will not bid Newcastle's Jean-Alain Boumsong for anything above 3 million. That would represent a 5million loss for Newcastle. We say...3 million loss for Marseille then!

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