Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Specially Dedicated To You 6Gees

Yes as promised that I'll post the pictures here. Took me awhile to upload it but its worth the trouble! I think i only appeared once or twice in those photos but whatever, You guys 'deserved' this space below!

the Chelsea 'fan club'. haha just kidding.

what are girls this age doing at the playground? (PS: Alina please show your beautiful teeth and braces!)
playing with fire. tsk tsk!tell you what. this pic is creepy. looks like 2 shadows behind them! but again..don't think too much la!Swing Swing Swing! Amelia, Leung Teng, Stephanie, Kenneth & Shixing.
Lampost alone is not enough. They need a hunk! Amelia, Shixing, Eddy, Steph and GraceAltogether now!

There are more actually, but quite lazy la okay so never the mind. So outing this Firday evening eh. See ya guys! Its gonna be fun.

Random Stuff That Happened
Haha.. as i said JAYNE YONG, your name will be here. So yesterday i asked her to post under the 'comments'. Actually all you need to do is type in your name, and what you wanna say and clicky..its done. But she asked me..."what's your username and password. i need to log in to your account then i can comment." Oh dear.

i'll get my coat and TAXI.

More to come tonight!

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