Monday, March 27, 2006

Today's Football Headlines (27/03/06)

- Spanish Tycoon Villalonga circles Liverpool
Who's Villalonga, you'd ask. He's a spanish multi-millionaire who's interested in investing his wealth on Liverpool. As some of you might know, Liverpool are currently searching for investors. I think we should really consider this deal as we're currently still stucked on planning the new Anfield and also, Rafa sounded out that he needs more bucks to make Pool the driving force of English football again.

- Stelios would do anything for Anfield move
This guy, Stelios Giannakopoulos would like to move to Liverpool. The thing is he was link with us just last summer, but the deal broke down. Therefore he signed a 3 year contract with Bolton. I..don't think he's gonna make much difference. But if we could get him on a cheap..why not?

-Owen should be able to make it to WC
No..not like he's injured until he cant make it to the toilet(water closet), but he promised that he's gonna make it to World Cup '06. So he's gonna make all those who think that Ingerland's gonna win the WC dream again. Close your eyes guys...then dream...

-Poor Old Van Horseface
Ruud Van Nistelrooy, dropped yet again against what..Birmingham? Used to hate him quite abit. But now..why not come Liverpool and make some impact? We could exchange Cisse for him if you want! HA HA


I am a Pool fan. But give credits to where it is due. They are the on-form team now and they're closest to catching Chelski. But still, find someone to fill Keano's boots, please.

-Liverpool (esp. Xabi ALonso, Sissoko & Luis Garcia)
Yeh..i know i'm a Pool fan therefore im wearing my red-tinted glass. But come on, playing with 10 men for 70 minutes against your most bitter rival and winning it 3-1 is a fantastic result. By the way thanks to a certain Philip Neville for his fantastic goal...for us of course!

-Blackburn & West Ham
They're not the most 'classy' clubs in the premiership certainly. One's used to be a club of thugs and the other is just a family club that was promoted just this season. But their run this season is simply amazing and they should really be proud of themselves!

-Chelski & Drogba

You guys just have to do something to make everyone hate you isn't it. And ironically the CEO Peter 'Once a Red, Always a Red' Kenyon said they need love from us. By continuing to be such a classless thugs and cheats, you could dream about us loving you guys. And to my previous post.

-Referees (Phil Dowd & Rob Styles)
The refereeing standard of the premiership seemed to dip down to a new low level especially during this week. Firstly Mr Dowd taking 'control' of the Merseyside derby. Handling out yellowcards like a changing clothes, a total of 10 yellowcards were out of his pockets that day. and 2 red cards. That was a big match and you dont go around waving cards as you like. It seriously screwed the game up and..ah whatever. Rob Styles? Self-important, petty and an obnoxious idiot. Real life or in Football Manager!

Move Of The Week: Steven Gerrard

'Gerrard was booked for kicking the ball away after the ref awarded Everton a freekick'

'A minute later, he was sent off after his lunging tackle on Kilbane which he missed the ball and took the player. Dowd showed him his second yellow and he left the pitch, a red'

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