Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Power Of Prayer...Football...Yada Yada....

Special 'Report'

-Muslim-turn-Christian Afghan Whose Head Was Nearly Used For Footballing Purpose Released
Few days back there were news of this very bold man from Afghanistan that turned away from Islam and convert to Christianity. Some of you might know that Afghanistan is not a very open country and everyone's supposed to be either Muslim or Buddhist. So after he was known to have converted, everyone was after his head. Muslim clerics demanding his head to be a football for the Afghans and so he was sent to the jail. Was in church on Sunday and the pastor led us into a prayer for this poor man and guess what, he was released today and have since vanished. So as usual..Muslim clerics going to the streets still demanding his head to be cut down for their football game and shouting their oh-so-typical 'Death to Christians!' slogans. Ah well our Ms. Universe must be crying their heart out for world peace while some small packs of 'extremists' are ruining it.

Footie News!

So tonight's the Champions League quater-finals! Although the Reds are no longer in the competition(boo-hoo), but the few matches will prove to be a true footballing spectacle for neutrals and nail-biting experience for fans of the teams that are still in contention. Will Vieira destroy Arsenal's dream or will L'Arse do a Liverpool and go on to win Juve and then to gay Paris? We'll wait and see!

Wed 29/3
Arsenal vs Juventus

Benficaa vs Barcelona
Thur 30/3
Inter vs Villareal
Lyon vs AC Milan

Transfer Talks

NTER THIS SUMMER. (Very Possible)
-Liverpool told 10mil pound for Santiago Solari.
-Arsenal signals out to Ibrahimovic & Gallas.

-Sven Eriksson to Real Madrid after end of his Ingerland reign.
-(Updated!)Drogba to leave Chelsea after fans booed him during the 2-0 win over Man City in which he scored both goals and won the man of the match award.

Footballers + Nicknames = Funny Photoshopped Pictures!


Jens 'Lemon' Lehmann

and last but not least............

Interviewer: Why the long face Ruud?
Ruud: Because i'm a donkey!

Drogballs OUT. Have a nice day guys!

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