Wednesday, March 29, 2006

If Busted Did England's World Cup Song.........

So for monthes now, the English FA was searching for a band or singer to write a song for their upcoming World Cup '06 campaign. We know yesterday that Embrace is the band selected for the job. But for monthes, there were speculation of who might be the one selected. One of the speculated band? BUSTED. usual football365 posted this...

(in the tune of 'What I Go To School For')

Thats why i go to football
even though England win eff-all
you can all call me crazy
i know that Rio's lazy

thats why i go to football
even though its really boring
there's Rooney with his whoring
and Sven's the one thats always scoring

thats why i support England
even though Owen is so bland
and David James is lurking
please god keep him from working...


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