Thursday, April 20, 2006

Arse Down Yellow Submarine: Featuring The Fearsome Ref & Terrified Squirrel

Arsenal 1-0 Villarreal

Haha so Arsenal is one step into the finals of the CL. Congratulations on that. The match was actually made interesting by that squirrel that ran onto the pitch and got lost. Or maybe its delighting in the presence of so many human beings. haha so cute right! Not forgetting the referee, he's the very 'action' type of referee. What i mean is when he gives a yellowcard he'll do it with "conviction" an gave the Collina wide eyes look, making you feel that you really really DID fouled that player, swinging his arms 180 degrees with the yellowcard in hand.

Toure's first half effort was the only goal of the match. But as of a football match, there will always be controversies. Henry's goal, I must say, was ruled offside wrongly. He wasn't offside but the other dude (Ljungberg i think) was. Villarreal too, should have been rewarded a penalty. It was clear, but I guess the ref doesn't want to spoil Highbury's last night. Overall, Arsenal showed a little more entreprise in their play whereas countered the threat of Forlan and Riquelme well. But they really need to work on their crossings right. Most oftheir crosses end up on the other end of the pitch. Fantastic Fabregas had an off night as well. And they would be disappointed not to have taken a much bigger lead to the away leg next week, making it still quite an open game in my opinion.

Alright i'll be off to play some football tonight. So updates will be late! Drogballs signing off.

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