Friday, April 21, 2006

Playing The Game We Love...

Was too tired to blog last night, so left it to this morning. gah procastinating creatures! So yesterday night went NYP to play football with pals although firstly, im not from NYP..and i donno 90% of the people on the field. Haha 16-17 ppl on a rather small pitch..i shall not comment too much! Then went to wk's "final year project room". ya right! LAN shop in disguise more likely! played a few rounds of CS (oh those day!) then went for supper. and how do i end this...hmm walk home alone la!

Fact Of The Day: Scientologists
'Proud dad Tom Cruise last night said new baby daughter Suri was "gorgeous" - and praised fiancée Katie Holmes for giving birth in silence like a true Scientologist... Cruise stroked Katie's face and held her hand during the birth to help her stay silent in accordance with the wacky religion's guidelines. Katie, 27, managed to stifle her moans with the help of a pain-killing epidural injection. Cruise also ordered medical staff to stay silent, meaning the delivery nurses had to make hand signals to tell Katie when to push. The bizarre order was because Scientologists believe noise when a baby enters the world causes it suffering in later life' - The Sun. So are they gonna stop the baby from crying too? Good Lord!

You Can Start Laughing At Spurs (Watch This Space)
So the rather kiasu Tottenham will now launch a legal challenge to UEFA's rule of "Winners above 4th place" rule, when the winner of the Champions League will take over the place of the 4th place team. So now Arsenal is closer and closer to winning it, whereas 4th place currently is held by Tottenham, Arsenal's biggest rival! This could turn interesting if Arse really win it and Spurs hold on to 4th, that would be Arse going to CL next season and Spurs will play in uefa cup instead. So, Spurs, thinking that they surely would take the 4th place, requesting UEFA to change to rule. HAHA. fat hope Spurs! Liverpool suffered once, so I don't think they are that dumb to let the confusion run again. I think once the rule is set at the beginning of the season, it should stay throughout. Arsenal as we know, are fighting to win the Champions League crown. What would happen if you tell them now that, oh 4th place is going Champions League next season while you guys can rot at your Emirates stadium. Bollocks!

"Adidas pushing Shevchenko to Chelsea", "Abramovic pushing to sign Ronaldinho for Chelsea"

No wonder they dive. They're all pushed there! HAHA

More tonight!

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FreeThinker said...

I read that the only sound allowed in the delivery room was the Cocktail soundtrack, on constant loop. ;-)~