Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MS Paint: Gary Cahill's 'Both-feet Off Ground Volley' And Round-Up

From Football365:

Milner lofted the ball into the box from the right flank and there was a scramble before Cahill leapt to volley past Maik Taylor in spectacular fashion.

Drogballs: What a stunning goal. He leaped with BOTH FEET off te ground and both his boots are as high as the defender's head, then volleyed the ball right above Taylor's head, with power and accuracy! What a promising player he's turning out to be.

Monday Night Results:
Chelsea 3-0 Everton
Tottenham 1-2 ManYoo
Boro 2-0 West Ham
Sunderland 1-4 Newcastle (Surprise!)
Charlton 2-1 Portsmouth
West Brom 0-0 Bolton

Feeling kinda gutted for Portsmouth! I want them to stay up, and they actually scored the first goal against Charlton. A beauty from D'Alessandro, outside box and top corner. But as we suspect, their defence is p*ss poor. ManYoo continued their defience as they beat Tottenham. The results means Chelsea need to wait another week to win the Premiership. And what a chance, when they meet ManYoo themselves next week at $$tamford Bridge.

Sunderland took the lead and looks like they're finally getting a home win, but instead got trounced 4-1. Poor o'Sunderland. They're now the only team in all European major competitions to NOT WIN A SINGLE HOME GAME. What a record to uphold...they're also officially the worst team in the Premiership, beating the RECOD THEY HELD THEMSELVES.

Alrighty i guess i'll update again tonight. Drogballs signing off.

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