Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Laugh At Fergie If You Want....

So i'll quote what Sir Whisky Ferguson of ManU said before their game against Sunderland

"There won't be anything taken for granted but, frankly, I think we are playing too well to slip up. We're the form team in the league and the area in which we must now pay attention is improving our goal difference. At the moment we are eight goals behind Chelsea, so we might have to do something about that"

And then...ManU 0-0 Sunderland. Moral of the story. Even if its Sunderland, DONT THINK YOU CAN WIN THEM EASILY.

Anyway its AC Milan vs Barcelona tonight! What a cracking match its gonna be. It'll be Shevchenko vs Puyol, Gattuso vs Deco and Ronaldinho vs Nesta. It does look good on paper, but i think the first legs gonna be very tight. But my prediction would be one-nil to Milan. They're more stable overall and better at defence, not forgetting home ground advantage too.

Yep shall be back for updates tomorrow morning. So have a peaceful night and..for those staying up, enjoy!

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