Monday, April 17, 2006

'God' Rises To Help Pool Beat Blackburn Ruggers

An appropriate title eh? Liverpool's own 'God', Robbie Fowler rises above and helped Liverpool to secure at least a 3rd place in the Premiership and that means..Champions League football next season is guaranteed! It was quite controversial as some would say Cisse was in offside position when the ball went through him. Lucky he was smart enough to not touch the ball! Or i would be the first to kill that idiot..a 14million strikers mission 2 sitters is not acceptable. Sell him Rafa. But i would like to plead, GIVE FOWLER THE DAMN CONTRACT! He earnt it fair and square man.

Why should he be given the contract?
1. He's free, the only thing you need to pay is his wage, which I don't think is alot compared to MICHAEL OWEN.
2. He's a a master of finishing. Not only he can be an opton on the field, he could share his experience and skills to the other Pool strikers.
3. His love for the club, undoubtly. UNLIKE MICHAEL OWEN.

Anyway 3points in the bag yesterday was what we need. We might even sneak into 2nd place if ManYoo falters. Can't take out the possibilities, can you? Well..the first season in a decade to cross over the 70pts mark, Jose Reina beating Ray Clemence's record of conceding only 29 goals in 50 matches. Hyypia and Carragher immense yet again, Sissoko running like a mad dog and...Morientes doing eff all the whole match, except that certain assist.

Anyway HAPPY BELATED RESSURECTION SUNDAY AND HAPPY EASTER MONDAY! Welcome to the Coca Cola Championship Birmingham City! Soon you'll be joined by West Brom!

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