Saturday, April 22, 2006

Rise of the Mini-Reds, Big Match Previews

Mini-Reds win the Mini FA Cup

Congratulations Liverpool Youth team! You've done us proud by bringing home the FA Youth Cup with a 3-2 aggregate win over Manchester City. This is the first time in 10 years that the youth team brought home the trophy, since the days of Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and David Thompson. Signs of a things to come I believe. The youth team consists of a few local scousers and some Spanish import scouted by the man, Rafa Benitez. So the Youth team has done us proud. WILL THE OLDER LADS DO US PROUD TOO?

Preview 1: Liverpool vs Chelsea

Ah, the 10th meeting in only 2 seasons. Now both the team seemingly become England's number 1 rival due to the number of times they met each other, in the Premiership, League Cup Final, Champions League group stage and Semi-finals and now the FA Cup semi final. Familiarity brings contempt. We used to be the Liverpool that was behind Chelsea 30-odd points in the League. But because of the improvement Rafa has brought, we lessen the gap to around 12 points. Not that we could over-take them in terms of squad strength (and money), but I believe that the best falls too, like they did against who else but Liverpool in the CL semi-final, where they lost on a single debatable goal.

I hope 5 is always a lucky number for Liverpool. We won the European crown 5 times and won it on 25 / 05 / 05. This is the 5th meeting this season between this 2 teams. So i hope its fifth time lucky and we can go on to beat them, breaking all the history of us not winning them yada yada.

Coming to think of Liverpool's road to FA Cup glory, makes me feel that they more than deserve to win it. Why? Remember Luton? Remember ManYoo? Well trailing Luton 3-1 by 60mins is embarassing. But once again they showed character and bouncbackability and managed to win by 5-3 with THAT Alonso's goal from half the field. Then it was ManYoo. We lost to them in the League alrdy, and met them in the FA Cup quater-finals. The history is all against us. We've never beaten them in the competition for 85 bloody years! But the Crouch's goal decided it and we defied the history. History is meant to be changed, anyway. So i hope the duck would be broken. Tonight. See you at Old Toilet, blue scums.

with training like this....surely we would beat them? Haha!! Robbie showing Stevie some love.

Preview 2: Arseal vs Tottenham

Ah, the wonderful London rivals. Both fighting for 4th placing, Like Liverpool and Everton last season. As Thierry H. said, this is gonna be a war. I personally is looking forward to it, because usually when this 2 teams meet, goals there will be. Arsenal, always capable of playing entertaining football and Tottenham...not too bad, but should be worried about their reliance on Mido. Keane and Defoe are small sized, so they would play the ball on the ground, which suits Arsenal. Therefore i predict Arsenal would win it by 2 goals. Home advantage as well. Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham.

Good news or bad news tonight? Stay tune.....

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