Thursday, April 20, 2006

Home Sweet Home....Arse vs Submarine Preview

Half a day spent outside, returning home feels darn good. Went out in the evening to meet Chicken Rice Queen, Alina at Thomson. I was late as usual so she studied and this kind soul studied for her too. Haha some history stuff which I was kinda interested in! So it wasn't that bad after all. I learnt something and helped to do something. heh! next..prata house for..CHICKEN RICE. haha indian style fried chicken la..then went to mac to complete the history assignment and talk rubbish for abit. Then coincidentally, Jewell walked into mac. Oh suddenly it was like a primary school meeting. Oh how i miss those days! Ya so i'm home awaiting for the Champions League game at 2.30am.

Arsenal vs Villarreal

The last European tie at Highbury. I think Arsenal players would love to give Highbury a respectable goodbye and perform well tonight. The Villarreal centre-backs are doubtful therefore their defence are gonna be alittle shaky and the keeper, Viera is unavailable as well. A easy and comfortable 2-1 win for Arsenal. Watch out for Riquelme and Forlan.

I'll be back tomorrow! Good night people.

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