Monday, February 26, 2007

Drogballs' Weekly Thoughts

Fowler Still 'The One'

Robbie Fowler scores a penalty for Liverpool

His time at Liverpool might be up really soon after rumours of him joining up with Steve Nicol over in the United States but he showed us last Saturday that he still have something to offer. Two calmly taken penalty and a brilliant assist capped a good outing for Fowler, who always seemed to be on the score sheet no matter who he's playing and under what circumstances.

One can argue that it's just two penalties but the mental strength and courage to step up and slot it into the Kop End especially the second is commendable.

Spurs Finally Finds Form

The team from North London at long last, proved to us why they managed to occupy the 4th spot for such a long period of time last season after a 4-1 demolition of Bolton at White Hart Lane. The catalyst of the thrashing is without a doubt, Dimitar Berbatov, who was involved in all the goals and showed great touches and excellent understanding and team work with his team mates.

Spurs, meanwhile, learned their lesson after they're beaten by Sheffield United at Bramall Lane 2 weeks ago before going on with their current 3 games winning streak. Goals were scored while their back line looked like they're back to their normal standards. Even Paul Robinson looked good.

Robbie Keane scored two for them before getting sent off for a hand ball on the line. It was rather harsh to my liking but it's not without a bit of logic in the sending off. His instinctive reaction was to stopping the inevitable, which is ball in the back of the net but referee deemed it was an infringement. But it did little to stop Spurs from running away with the 3 goals lead.

Going Down, Going Down, GOING DOWN!

West Ham's Nigel Quashie sits dejected as Charlton celebrate Jermone Thomas's second goal

Although I've chosen this picture to suit the title, it doesn't tell the full story. West Ham United, once again got onto this part of the weekly thoughts post with yet another humiliating defeat at the hands of Charlton. Yes, you got that right. A relegation candidate losing to another relegation candidate and a match with so much hype going on about how it'll define the two team's season was all but over at half time.

Going 3 down at an aptly named, The Valley, Alan Curbishley and his men are certainly walking through the valley alone. It's a story of how a club crumbled and all the problems just snowballed inexplicably into one huge chunk and the time bomb is about to set off.

They got into to UEFA Cup this season and it sort of put the players off focus and also, off the ground as well. Players thought they're already made it big, player who had every desire to jump ship yet given the captain's armband and as well as the failure to integrate the Argentinian duo, it went all awry right at the start of the season.

Then when trouble sets in, everyone wants a quick way out. Get a millionaire in and money MIGHT just get you to safety. But how wrong was that. He sacked the then manager, Alan Pardew and handed it to Alan Curbishley, a man not known for his spending and relegation catfight skills.

He splashed on players freely and thinking that with those 'qualities', they're surely 'too good to go down'. But the sad fact is he failed to integrate the lot of them and does that line of words ring any bell? There is not such thing as 'too good to go down' and if the players continue their 'fine' form, they'll be down without a shadow of doubt.

How ironic is it that a former manager that was called a 'cancer' instigated a mauling over the clarets and blues so comprehensively.

Watford is already condemned in my opinion and with West Ham player's fighting spirit in tatters, I wouldn't be surprised the 'Academy of Football' is going down and the bubbles they're blowing might burst anytime.

Carling Cup Handbags

Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor had to be dragged off the pitch after he was sent off

It was the incident which marred the otherwise exciting and intense cup final which saw Chelsea slightly edging past Arsenal with Drogba providing the ammunition. 2nd half substitute, Jon Obi Mikel slid in with a terrible tackle from behind and a full fledged handbags ensued.

It's disgusting yet amusing to see two groups of players running into each other, pushing and shoving, in a game played by 22 adults. Even old men like Wenger and Mourinho had to jump in to defuse the situation

In the end, Mikel was sent off along with captain, Toure while Emmanuel Adebayor was dragged off the pitch after shown the red. I didn't get to see the replay but I was adamant that Fabregas should have walked while Lampard shown a yellow as well.

Cesc Fabregas, however talented he might be, have been acting like a petulant kid at times and his cockiness gets into me sometimes. The referee failed to spot his raised arms on Lampard and we can only hear from the FA about their verdict of the incident. But why on earth did the Spanish wunderkid get involve in something that's not of his business? Why Lampard?

Perhaps, it's teenagers nowadays. Get into the big stage and already walking with his head tilted 45 degrees upwards. He might need a good few years before he can humble down and only then, I'll class him as a truly world class player.

However good you might be, a lack of class and character makes you look poor.

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