Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Epitome Of Pot.Kettle.Black

I love Jose Mourinho when he shut his gob and does his job. I was even a little sympathetic with him back then when Chelsea were going through some tough times (very minor ones, mind) and he looked really shabby.

But here comes the return of the 'Special One'.

Can't accept the fact that Man United are 9 points ahead of his beloved Blues and deservedly, he came out calling United lucky and are fortunate to be ahead of Chelsea.

Now that's what I call a perfect example of a pot calling the kettle black. Or to put in context, hypocritical. Because I believe that the Chelsea that have won the title for the past 2 consecutive seasons are in no way different from what United are in now.

He mentioned "This is a season in which United have had no injuries and every player is fine to play."

These words coming out of the man who manages a team that seldom gets any sort of major injuries and had all the resources in the world to put things right. No Drogba? Then there's the 30 million Shevchenko. No Lampard? There's always Michael Ballack.

I think Chelsea have been extremely fortunate for the past two seasons in terms of injuries and we're only focusing on injuries. Only in recent times we saw John Terry getting a little injury prone and Cech suffering that horrific head injury. But for the last two seasons, they don't have any major injury that are able to derail them from the title chase.

United themselves are fortunate as well, but not as what we all made them of. They do have some players like Smith and Solksjaer who are victims of long term injury earlier this season and Saha who is in and out of the team faster than the speed of sound (not very fast, but still...).

I wouldn't go on about his mentioning of the Lille and Fulham game where United didn't looked deserving but got their wins because I'm someone who doesn't believe in what a team 'deserves' but you get what you work for. You grind out wins when things are going tough and call it day light robbery, it's the points that matter.

The point of the game is to put the ball in the net, score the goals, defend well and with a bit of luck, you'll be off to the Premiership crown. Man United have proved to us that without their top scorer, van Nistelrooy, they could handle it and boy, did they do it in some style.

Goal scorers in every position especially so from the flanks. Ronaldo have been by far, the best player in the Premiership while Giggs seemed to have found his hunger for the game and although he doesn't possess the speed in which he terrorises opponent's defence, his football intelligence and experience are invaluable. Vice versa for a certain Paul Scholes in the middle of the park.

They defence have been solid this season with van der Saar adding experience in the back line and the addition of Nemanja Vidic proved to be vital. Even the requisition of Henrik Larsson is said to be a masterstroke from Sir Alex.

Sir Alex himself also found the hunger and desire to 'knock Chelsea off the f**king perch', the same motivation for him to do what he did to Liverpool back in early 90s.

Luck is something that is hard to define. But I think fortune favours the brave and you reap what you sow. United have been by far the best team in the league and nobody could doubt that.

You could see the hunger in the team and the desire to bring the title back to Old Trafford. From the very start, the game in which they mercilessly killed Fulham off in 20 minutes, I kind of knew where the title will be going. Not Stamford Bridge, not Emirates, not Anfield.

Teams that won cups and trophies over the years shows that there are many factors contributing to their victories and luck is certainly within consideration, albeit only a small portion in my opinion. The best team might not win but at the end of the day, it's the result that counts.

So, Jose, just admit it. They're destined for the Premiership and nobody are going to stop them. They have been steamrolling teams from day one and played fantastic football at times. Time to be gracious in defeat.

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