Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pub Quiz & Football Trivia

Well, I love to keep in touch with you, my readers and would like to hear from you regarding a new segment on here. It's going to be like a football trivia where I will be posting around 5 questions and hopefully, I get as many attempt from you, my readers, as possible.

So let's just take this as a trial and I'll see if there are enough readers who contribute here.

1) Which English team is the first to compete in Europe?

2) Name the only 2 players who have scored in every season of the English Premiership.

3) Which player scored the most number of hat-tricks and how many of them?

4) Who is the most successful goalscoring goalkeeper of all time?

5) Who holds the record for most under 21 international caps? (Hint: Not English!)

Well, I'll see hows the response on here before making another of these quizzes. Go try it out and post it under comments. The answers will be revealed this Friday. What are you waiting for! Go do it now! I plead you.


prash said...

2)giggs and scholes?

i dunno the rest n i am 2 lazy to google them

prash said...

4)chilavert from paraguay?

louis` said...

Let me try..

1) Manchester United
2) Alan Shearer & Thiery Henry
3) Alan Shearer with 11 hat-tricks.
4) Luis Jose Chilavert
5) Not english? I do not know this, let me make a guess. Zidane?



Cheers guys, thanks for the input. Will give the answer on Friday!

Keep coming.

8ball said...

All guesses, man.

1) Liverpool
2) Giggs & Gary Speed
3) Ian Wright, 9
4) Chilavert, Paraguay
5) Thierry Henry?

M said...

2) Andy Cole And Robbie Fowler?

Hafiz said...

1) Manure

2) Giggsy and ermm .. I'll have a guess at Sheringham ?

3) Shearer ?

4) Chilavert

5) Hmm .. I'll have a go at either a portugese or italian or dutch ..
Portugese = Figo
Italian = Pirlo
Dutch = Bommel

ahah choose one lol


Thanks! Keep going! haha :)

Joel said...

1)Birmingham City
2)gary spped & Ryan Giggs
3)alan shearer ,11
4)Rogerio ceni
5)Le Tallec