Friday, March 02, 2007

Bellers You Daft Arse!

So we've been waiting for the truth of the 'Golf Club-gate' from the very mouth of the men involved in it, Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise. Today, Bellamy told The Daily Mirror everything and now, we know, there is absolutely nothing with the golf club, seven iron or anything.

He told the Daily Mirror: 'It started when we were all doing a bit of karaoke. I only sang one song and that was Red, Red Wine by UB40. That was because Jerzy Dudek was drinking it. That's how silly it all was.

'A lot of the lads wanted Riise to get up there next because he hadn't turned up at the dinner earlier and I tried to get him up, too.

'I wasn't that bothered whether he wanted to sing or not so I sat back down but he wasn't too happy about me trying to get him to sing so he let me know about it.

'The situation was calmed down then but when I was walking back to the hotel with Steve Finnan, who I was rooming with, I lost control for a few seconds.

'I went and confronted 'Ginger' and I said to him 'don't be doing that in front of the players again'.

'And that was really about it. I didn't want to cause a scene in front of everybody else. I just wanted to talk to him about it alone.

'John has been great about it. Straight away the next morning we were training together. There's no problem now.

Want a quick way out of Liverpool especially after the takeover? Do something like this. Guaranteed on your way out faster than Cronaldo drops on the floor.

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