Friday, March 02, 2007

Here's The Answers To The Quiz

1) Which English team is the first to compete in Europe?

A: Birmingham City. In 1956, the Blues became the first English club side to compete in Europe as they took part in the 1955-58 season.

2) Name the only 2 players who have scored in every season of the English Premiership.

A: Gary Speed and Ryan Giggs. Since the English First Division was named the English Premiership back in the 92/93 season, this two players have been on the score sheets without fail in ever season.

Speed played for Leeds, Everton, Newcastle and currently at Bolton Wanderers while Ryan Giggs is a one club man with Man United his first and perhaps, last club. He has 496 games under his name and scoring 98 goals in the process.

3) Which player scored the most number of hat-tricks and how many of them?

A: Alan Shearer with 11 hat tricks in total. One of the greatest English striker of all time, he scored a grand total of 283 goals in 553 appearances for Newcastle, Blackburn and Southampton.

He's also a prolific goal scorer in international football, scoring 30 goals in 63 caps with England.

4) Who is the most successful goalscoring goalkeeper of all time?

A: Rogerio Ceni of Brazil. He plays for Sao Paulo and I don't think Liverpool fans will be unfamiliar with him. He played 704 games for Brazilian giants and scoring 68 goals in the process. Free kicks, penalties, you name it.

5) Who holds the record for most under 21 international caps? (Hint: Not English!)

A: Christian Dailly of Scotland. I bet many of you are surprised by the answer but he holds the record for the most number of U-21 caps. He appeared for Scotland Under 21 at a young age of 16 and promptly made 34 appearances for the Scots.

As they say, showing early promise doesn't mean anything. Now he's just a mediocre to average footballer over at West Ham.

Anyway thanks for taking part in the quiz, giving answers and trying out. As I've mentioned, we learn something new everyday and hopefully with this quiz, you learned something today!


M said...

Bah... I knew number 4. :P

Ceni's a legend. I still hate his guts for his legendary performance against Liverpool in the World Club Championship.


Yea, he's a better goalkeeper than Chilavert in terms of scoring and also goalkeeping actually.

Anyway Joel got the most right,except for the last one. Good work guys :)