Friday, March 02, 2007

2 Links To Share

With websites and blogs being such a trend nowadays, easily accessibly by absolutely anyone, it's not surprising to find a few good websites with very unique focal points. Today, I was clicking about (finally, I found some time to) and came across this website called

As the URL suggests, it's about ugly footballers and there's even a First XI for year 2006. Sorry Peter Crouch fans out there, your hero is on the list.
Here's the LINK

"MySpace With Pants On!"

I was sent an email regarding an invite for me to join an online community called ISporty. The closest description for this website is written above. It was what the sender said anyway. So you could set up your account there, create a profile, set up fan clubs or join them and then post your thoughts.

I'll encourage anyone interested to sign up over there ESPECIALLY if you have let's say, an amateur team playing football. You could very well open an account for your 'club' and ask your members to join and therefore, creating a little space for you and your team mates.

The sender of the Email mentioned that there's a certain Terry Venables on the site as well and why not, since it's always good to be in a huge community of football lovers and perhaps, sports lovers.

Do give it a try! Because perhaps we might get a chance to interview Steven Gerrard. (Cross fingers, pray and hope)

Okay, lads. Now I want to know if there are people interested to join up and if there's enough people, I just might open up a little 'fan club' and we could all be in it! Well, just drop a comment if you're interested.

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