Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How Low Can It Go?

I sat through my dinner time watching Sports Centre and when it focus on football, it's either a bunch of big boys punching each other or some French team that refused to surrender. Oh the irony.

There seemed a distinct lack of positive football news and it's as if football is no longer the game about passing the ball about and scoring the goals but perhaps, we have put too much focus on the unnecessary things like those 'handbags' on the pitch.

Have the beauty of the game evaporate into thin air? Will all these turn people off and will all these breed a new group of armchair football supporter that only knows the stuff that were presented in our eyes through the mass media?

Well, rant over. So let's watching something funny.

Er...I think they're all trying to outdo each other for the Oscars but sadly, they didn't know the nominations were over. Good job anyway, could make it for the 2008 Oscars.


Ace Cowboy said...

As a Yank, I welcome you to the Americanization of sports. There is no such thing as a focus on the game on SportsCenter over here.


Heh, indeed. I think it's more like a program for focusing on controversies to draw the crowds.

It's shocking to see that they showed 3 minutes of the match highlights and promptly 10 minutes of the fracas itself.

M said...

Wayne Bridge's fault IMO, though Eboue's no angel.

He shouldn't have picked the ball that way from Eboue's hand.


Eh, is that a sarcastic remark? Bridge fault for taking the ball away?

I don't think those little kids at the playground will hit someone at the back just because that person takes the ball away.