Thursday, March 01, 2007

Football Turning Into WWE?

As we plow through the websites and newspapers for the latest in the world of football, sometimes you wonder if it's all turning into a huge fracas, or should I say, into WWE. We all know the World Wrestling Entertainment are just there fore entertainment and what you see on TV are all made up for show. Is football in danger of turning into one of those sports where people can no longer be serious about?

Similarities between football and wrestling:
- Constant whining and 'talking big, does little'
- Inept referees. Or, just pure cr*p.
- Divers and actors as the protagonists of the game
- Violence

I'm not the biggest fan or in fact, I stopped watching it after I found Liverpool. Although I was young at that time, perhaps 9 or so. But I wasn't naive. I was adamant that it's just an entertainment show because I don't believe humans that big of a size can be made to look like such an utter buffoon.

One thing that turns me off regarding wrestling is of course the predictability of it. It's so predictable that it's laughable. I don't think I want to bother to write about it because anyone who watches more than an hour of it can tell. It's not rocket scientist's job.

Managers whining. How predictable. Every week you'll get at least 3 managers going to the media slamming the officials and the FA. Then you'll get news of the FA punishing the manager which cost peanuts. Rinse and repeat, that certainly made the job of a football journalist a lot easier.

Wenger did have a point in his argument regarding last night's FA Cup replay, where he saw his Gunners crashed to a 1-0 defeat to a very unaesthetic Blackburn side. But does he really think that by saying all those words will make the referee change his decision or does anything to help the state of football? It's obviously not and it just makes football manager look rather foolish and short sighted.

Then again who can blame him when the referee in the spot light is none other than Mr. Graham 'Three Card' Poll. It's even more apt for me to mention football and wrestling because the similarity between the two are that the referees are rather useless. I'm not saying ALL the football referees are rubbish but the standard of refereeing is really shambolic. Might as well revert back to amateur football where the players themselves are referees.

Mark Hughes did himself proud as well by mentioning that his Blackburn side deserves everything to go through to the next round as they managed to stop Arsenal over 180 minutes. And they say 'Comical Ali' of the former Iraqi regime is gone. I think not, his spirit lies in every manager. Self deluding and often, their quotes are so laughable that it stinks.

Last but not the least, Spanish football is not my forte but I think it's worth a mention because it seriously concerns me when it comes to violence and it seemed like the violence have escalated in the game and something must be done.

Italian football was hit by the death of a policeman and now, someone nearly murdered Sevilla's manager, Juande Ramos, during the Copa Del Rey match between Seville and Betis. After Sevilla took the lead through Freddy Kanoute, someone from the crowd sent a bottle flying into Ramos' head and he went down, unconscious. Good thing to know he's alright now but are football fans still such a rowdy and barbaric bunch despite better education in those countries?

A sad state of affair and nothing done. With this going on, it'll be from football to wrestling and then circus.

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