Friday, June 23, 2006

Craig Bellamy Signs For Liverpool And Scary Movie Review!

Liverpool Clinch Ballamy Deal

Liverpool have completed the signing of Wales striker Craig Bellamy from Blackburn on a four-year deal. The Merseysiders were given permission to speak to the 26-year-old after triggering a clause in his contract with a 6million pounds bid. Following a fall-out with then Newcastle manager Graeme Souness, Bellamy joined Blackburn in July last year and scored 15 goals, having been on loan at Celtic in the previous season.

Drogballs: He might be an abosulte idiot and have a troubled past, but seriously, why not? 6million is not alot considering Andriy Shevchenko cost 30+ million. Of course its stupid to compare Bellamy to Shevchenko, but under Rafa, I believe he can change Craig into a wonderful player and blossom with the Reds. He's a Liverpool fan as well, so it won't go wrong. I have a good feeling about this.

Movie Review: Scary Movie 4

It was Rivand's 21st birthday today (OLD MAN) HAHA and had little choice but to watch Scary Movie 4. Okay, I'm lying. I have been waiting to watch this show since it's release and it took almost 3 months before the movie is showed here. Maybe due to all the censorship crap in this country. Ah nevermind.

Million Dollar Baby Spoof
Okay actually I have no idea where to start Becuase there is no story to this movie! It's just like a parody of several movies chucked into one, mix it around and there you go, one movie! But I have one question, why is there a picture of King Kong, yet 'he' is nowhere in the movie.

Here's the list of spoofs in the movie:

I'm definitely not going to spoil the show for you but if you're really looking for a movie just to make you laugh for an hour or so, or you're just bored and need entertainment, look no further than this movie. It's lame and much of the story doesn't make any sense, but its those spoofs that makes you chuckle and maybe watch those movies above with a different thinking!

You pay 8 bucks, laugh it all out, come out and forgotten all about it. Yup, that's the conclusion.

Drogballs' Rating:

IF you love senseless comedies, stupid jokes and a bunch of retards running around - 4.5 / 5
IF you love reality shows, things that makes sense and believes that story should be meaningful - 0 / 5


rafalution said...

Bellamy could become the scariest movie we have ever seen

Drogballs said...

haha! i really really hope not. cheers.