Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Should Be Relieved Somebody Else Is Shittier Than We Are....

If You Think Local Football Is Bad....

We have long complained about the standard of our national league which is the S-League (sh*tty league IMO) and our national team which is going nowhere, or rather going backwards since the days of Fandhi Ahmad, who had a trial with Ajax and scored a goal in UEFA Cup before returning home with er, homesick. We had a dream of reching the World Cup by 2010, which is like the next World Cup at South Africa. Oh how we dared to dream, but we aren't even South-east Asian champion, World Cup? 'Havin a laugh! Okay but at least we tried and we had a vision for it.

Okay but today the point is not to criticise our football culture or national team or even the sh*tty league, but take heart that there is always someone worst off than us. Why not watch this team, and see how a player named Archie Thompson scored 13 goals in 1 appearance.

Australia 31-0 American Samoa
Are you feeling a little better now? Haha..

I sound like a kid in primary school getting back my results, got 31/32 in rank and laughing hard at the kid getting 32/32. Oh, how pathetic.....

Quotes Of the Week

"I was asked the other day who is going to be the top scorer. What a stupid question. Me" - Michael Owen.

"Our thoughts are with him and his family" - Joe Cole. Since when is Owen leaving us?

"It looks like England have beaten Sweden for the first time in 38 years." - Clive "That Night In Barcelona '99 "Tyldesley just before Sweden took that fateful long throw.....

"I made mistakes. I didn't use my brain." - Illija Petkovic explaining why s&M got trounced 6-0 by the Argies.

"Serbia & Montenegro just got whipped. S&M" - Ian 'Wrong' Wright contributing to his valuable tactical assesmen.

"I was very satisfied with the performance of all our players" - Raymond Domenech. FRANCE 1-1 SOUTH KOREA.

"Akwa is clearly the main man for Angola, but he doesnt tend to get many goals. Although he did get five in eight qualifying games and is their top goalscorer of all time" - Some commentator..Maybe...oh maybe not!

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