Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More News About Those Footballer's Wife...Or Maybe Something You DIdn't Know...

What Does Their Faces Tell You...

Okay, so Football365 is holding a caption comp for this picture above. If you're not sure who these ladies are then let me inroduce them. The one of the left shouldn't be too tough for you to recognise, its Cheryl Tweedy...yeah the one that just won the poll over here. Then behind her its Colleen McLaughlin, or Mrs 'Ronnie' and then the one showing her legs off is none other than Victoria Becks. Oh and the little...boy on the right is Romeo Beckham. No idea who's that lady at the back there but most probably their nanny I think. I think all their faces showed the same expression.

That is they're really bored. Becks? You hear me? Stop your long ball sh*t please!

Mrs. Crouch Is Not A Giraffe (Do Not Scroll Further IF You're Below 16)

The recent 'rise to stardom' from Peter Crouch have caught some attention of the press and finally we get to know who's the lady behind the lanky p*ss of cr*ap.

You must be thinking she looks like.....

HAHAHA. But sorry, no such thing. Let me introduce...Mrs Crouchy-to-be....

Anyway I think her name is Lauren Pope and is a...*cough* Artistic model *cough* for English paper, The Sun and the Page 3 tag on top of the picture can confirm that. Hoho. And here's the latest news about her....

A MODEL ends up topless on the pavement — in an amazing catfight outside a top club over two Premiership footballers. Lauren Pope, 21, and pal Penny left London’s Funky Buddah with Southampton’s Peter Crouch, 24, and Celestine Babayaro, 26, of Newcastle United.

As they were about to get into a taxi they were confronted by two other girls. The rival pair were shouting: “Oi, we were talking to them.”

Lauren — who kissed clubbing Prince Harry last year — had a spat with a girl called Kat. Penny, 21, went to her aid but had her top pulled down as Kat’s friend piled in. But bouncers stopped the fight. A witness said: “Crouch and Babayaro looked stunned. You don’t expect to see glamour girls toe-to-toe in the street.”

But looks like the source is a little outdated here, as it mentioned Peter Crouch is still in Southampton. Ah, well hope he doesn't change girlfriend that quick! Yes, here's your latest on footballer's birds. Thanks to This Is Anfield for providing those pictures.

Back To Football, Shall We?

During this period of time where the focus are on national teams and the World Cup, several bigs clubs are already planning ahead for next season, the 2006/07 season which will start in early August. The fixture list of Barclays English Premiership will probably be out by Thursday, 22nd June and there are pretty much going ons behind the scene. Maybe if you've gone off-track with Premiership stuff or even with Liverpool's latest, let me summarise it for you.

  • Craig Bellamy looked to be joining Liverpool for 6million pounds this summer, along with Daniel Alves and Dirk Kuyt. These are based on rumours but are strong rumours and don't looked fabricated. He is rumoured to have a release clause in his contract and is a Liverpool fan.
  • Players who hve already signed contract OR pre-contract with Liverpool are Mark Gonzalez, Gabriel Paletta and Fabio Aurelio.
  • Chelsea just sold their Icelandic striker cum midfielder, Eidur Gudjohnson to Barcelona. Of course he aimed a parting shot at Chelsea by saying Barcelona is a much, much bigger club than Chelsea. Surpise, he speaketh the truth!
  • Birmingham...or let's say Chelsea 'ace', Jiri Jarosik have joined Celtic. Good buy, Strachan.
Drogballs' Summer Transfer Prediction

  • After last night's performance, Chelski will launch an amazing 30 million bid fr Fernando Torres.
  • Philipp Lahm will join him at Chelski as well. Bayern will fight like they did for Ballack but fail because of a very enticing piece of paper, called money.
  • Dider Zakora to join ManYoo becuase of his good performance at the World Cup. Riquelme is a big maybe, but I predict he'll flop.
  • Since Bellamy seemed poised to move to Liverpool, what about EMILE HESKEY to Blackbun? ha ha ha.
Anyway I think I've overdone this post and should stop here now! Oh I thought of something that I should post much later tonight. Its...

Drogballs' Guide To: Which Footballer's Name Should Your Son Be Named After
Which Footballer's Name NOT To Be Used AT ALL

PS: By footballers, I mean those who're playing at the current World Cup. Cheers.

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