Monday, June 19, 2006

Day 10 Round-Up

Croats Held:


Japan 0 - 0 Croatia

So, the Croatians paid the price for their sh*tty finishing and the Japanese aren't better. Both teams had the chance to finish the opponent off, especially the Croats, but they just blew it. I've no idea why they always looked panicky when they're presented with the chances and lacking so much in confidence. They had a penalty saved even and not taking the 3 points, they themselves are to be blamed.

Don't let me go on talking about how poor the Japanese are, but really, why not give the place to other teams like maybe Uruguay, or even the Irish. They're so over-rated and..nevermind, why not go watch the game and conclude yourself. That very sitter that the striker missed summed it all up. He was put through with a brilliant cross and found himself with an open goal. What did he do? Poked the ball wide off the goal and it even managed to 'OLE' the goalkeeper. Fantastic, should be given an award for that. How about the goalkeeper for misjudging the bounce of the ball, what if it went into the net instead. Surely that made them a laughing stock. Don't capitalised your chances? Out you go. I'll rather let the Aussie in the last 16..

Brazil Into Last 16:

Allianz Arena
Brazil 2 - 0 Australia


BRA - Adriano (49min), Fred (90 + 1min);

Nothing much to comment on actually. The first half was fairly cagey and Australia defended really well and also having a few shots at the Brazillian goal as well. But the Brazillians showed their finishing touches and clinically finished the Aussies off without even playing at their top of the game. Players like Ronaldinho and Kaka looked a little lacklustre and Ronaldo...just drop him for Fred I think. His body conditioning looks terrible. But I really feel for him, all the pressure piled on him and all the expectations from the nation. A once great striker is some sort of a shadow of his former self.

Anyway credits to the Aussies. They played well generally, especially in the second half when they exploited Brazil's defence and actually had a couple of good chances but maybe they're inexperienced and lacked the composure.

While The French Managed Blew It Again:

France 1 - 1 Korea Republic

FRA - T. Henry (9min);
KOR - Park Ji-sung (81min);

I think Zidane's body language showed it all. H
e wasn't happy. He threw the captain's armband and later, the camera showed him walking away without even looking at the manager. I think this really summed up the Les Blues' night. They got off to a brilliant start when Henry latched onto a loose ball and without a doubt, slots the ball past Lee Woon-jae and French held the advantage. During the first half, the Koreans were struggling to keep hold of the ball and aimlessly pumping long balls like England, but as we all know, Korea have got no Crouchy.

But as usual the Koreans came out of the second half strongly and their perseverance paid off when Park got a touch to the ball and it went over Barthez and into the net. Ooh, how the French managed to blew it is beyond me. They had Saha and Trezeguet on the bench, yet they never used them and looked very negative. Playing a 4-2-3-1 against a Korean side? Wy do you even need 2 defensive midfielders actually. Why not just take the clearly off-formed Vieira out for someone pacy like Saha and let him run the Koreans down. He only threw on Trezeguet when it was clearly too late and he unsurprisingly, didn't make any difference. Now what, Les Blues? I see the downfall of a great footballing nation IF it continues under the reign of the Astrologer Domenech.

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