Wednesday, June 21, 2006

That 2 Goals England Scored....

Great Goals!

Joey Cole

Have to be one of the goals of the tournament, although we're only half way through. It was hit with such ferocity and you need to understand how much technique is required to hit the ball at a volley. And just look at the dip of the ball, just perfect and beating a 1.90++ m keeper is never an easy job, eh?

Stevie Gerrard!

A fantastic header from our captain. Again he showed everyone why he's better than that Fat Frank Lumpard. That Lampard did f*ck all for the whole match, shooting from 25 yards out, wasting possesion and went missing for the entire second half. Why, Sven? Why not let Gerrard play the free role instead? I'm so pissed.

Is The Walcott Plan Screwed?

I reckon yes, it's one of the biggest cock-up ever by a national team manager. Let's look at what other options he have shall we? Firstly, Jermaine Defoe. Alright, he's on and off for Tottenham last season an didn't play for too many games. But I'm sure he's good enough for the World Cup?

What about Darren Bent? I must say I see him as a one season wonder, like Kevin Phillips. But why not grab this chance and let him shine in the WC? After all he did score 20 odd goals in the Premiership, much more than Crouchy and Rooney?

Marlon Harewood and Dean Ashton? They suffered because they didn't play for a big enough club I think. I would have picked Ashton for the target-man position becuase of his sheer strength and predatory skills. He looked to me like a downgraded version of Alan Shearer.

England fans, pray that Rooney will be fit throughout, or you're really gonna rely on Crouch alone. Oh, don't forget about DAVID JAMES!! ManCity tried him there and he was brilliant!


I know he still haven't go for the scan and the results are not out yet, but from the several reports coming in, you could see that coming. He's not gonna play in any part of this World Cup anymore I'm afraid. According to Steven Gerrard, Owen was in a lot of pain and is very down. Paul Robinson quoted saying he does not expect Owen to feature in the World Cup anymore. Poor Owen though, went all downhill after he left Liverpool and I don't know how much this injury is going to affect him psychologically. It's going to be a huge blow to him and to England.

She's So Thin That....

Right, so someone commented on how thin Victoria Beckham is.

"She is very thin. I leaned forward to kiss Victoria but there is so little of her, I almost missed" - David Cameron, Mr Blair's opposite number, on encountering Mrs Beckham at their pre-World Cup party
Nowonder Beckham's so accurate with long ball.

Thieving Going To A New Low

'A thief who stole a woman's World Cup ticket was arrested after taking her place in the stadium - and finding himself sitting next to her husband. Police said the ticket was in a handbag that was snatched from the woman as she made her way to Sunday's game between Brazil and Australia' - The Times.
Exciting times, eh?


Anonymous said...

that was a hell of a strike by Cole.Do you think he could've hit that with a ball from 80's?Alot of talk about the new adidas ball before the start of world cup,that shot had some nasty movement.

Drogballs said...

haha probably not. the balls were heavier back then and it takes more technique. But take nothing away from Joey though, the technique is still superb. Yea that ball suits Lampard alot. =\