Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Which Footie Player You Should Name Your Son After....

Let's Start With Something More Important...

Ecuador (39) vs Germany (19)

Drogballs' Prediction:
Ecuador 2-3 Germany

Rhein Energie Stadion
Sweden (16) vs England (10)

England will drop Liverpool duo Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch while Jamie Carragher deputise Gary Neville at the right-back position.

Latest Probable Line-up -
Robinson, Carragher, Ferdinand, Terry, A. Cole, Beckham, HARGREAVES (ha ha ha ha ha), Lampard, J. Cole, Owen, Rooney

Drogballs' Prediction: Sweden 1-1 England

Costa Rica (26) vs Poland (29)

Drogballs' Prediction: Costa Rica 1-2 Poland

Fritz-Walter Stadion
(33) vs Trinidad & Tobago (47)

Drogballs' Prediction: Paraguay 1-0 T&T

Let Me Help You Pick Your Son's Name

So last night as I was talking to Sylvia (SIEW WIAH), she inspired to me to do a very special post. That is to search through the World Cup name database and find names that are either unique or totally crap shit. She mentioned that Singaporeans have a tendency to mis-pronounce names especially hers, who's clearly French and therefore, let me make a guide for you as to which footballer's name you should use. Anyway since the garment (government) constantly ask us to do family planning etc. why not find a name for your future sons now!

  • Friedrich (GER) - Shit defender. Very nice name.
  • Schneider (GER) - I think some of you might know I have this name in mind for my...son already
  • Schweinsteiger (GER) - It's a typical German name, and I reckon it's good, but your kid's primary school teacher might have some problem with that.
  • Gerrard (ENG) - I think this name will be quite popular in the future, as Gerrard will go on to be a legendary player at Liverpool.
  • Downing (ENG)
  • Roque Santa Cruz (PAR) - A very exotic name which will get some attention from your kid's friend.
  • Kenwyn Jones (T&T) - Kenwyn's a pretty English or Irish name and it sounds good.
  • Wilhelmsson (SWE) - Siew-wiah's favourite!
  • Saviola (ARG) - Most of you might know my old nickname that is Savio. Yea, got it from his name.
  • Mathijson (HOL) - Hot name, I reckon. Pronounce 'Mer Tai Sen'
  • Sneijder (HOL) - Same pronounciation as Schneider, but Singaporeans will have major problem pronouncing this. Shee-neej-der? 'J' in European languages are pronounced in an 'I' or a 'Y'.
  • Oswaldo Sanchez (MEX) - Oswaldo is a fantastic name, really!
  • Gerrardo Torrado (MEX)
  • Nuno Valente (POR) - Portugese have brilliant names. Just look further.
  • Paulo Ferreira (POR)
  • Miguel (POR) - Not very exotic, but still sound nice.
  • Caneira (POR)
  • Hugo Viana (POR)
  • Boa Morte (POR)
  • Gianluca Zambrotta (ITA) - Ah, the Italians have good names as well.
  • Cristian Zaccardo (ITA)
  • Alessandro Del Piero (ITA) - Should be a popular name!
  • Vincenzo Iaquinta (ITA) - I like the way it souds.
  • DaMarcus Beasley (USA) - I always find this name very unique.
  • P. Mastroeni (USA) - Sounds...Argentinian?
  • M. Jankulovski (CZE)
  • Marco Bresciano (AUS)
  • Harry Kewell (AUS) - Brilliant name. Sounds abit soft, but man enough. HAHA
  • Cicinho (BRA) - Chee Chee Neo?
  • Florent Malouda (FRA)
  • F. Ribery (FRA) - Fantastic name.
  • D. Trezeguet (FRA) - Pronounced 'T-eh-ze-gay". Not Twezequack.
  • P. Senderos (SUI)
  • T. Barnetta (SUI)
  • Andriy Shevchenko (UKR) - Nice.
  • Any Spanish Player's Name - I'm serious. How about Casillas...or Torres...or even Salgado?

I'll cover some names you should never ever give your son, especially here in little sunny Singapore. Cheers!

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