Sunday, June 18, 2006

Day 9 Round-Up And The Poll Result!

And The Winner Is....

Ah, so all of you have pretty good taste eh! It's CAshley Cole's CHERYL TWEEDY! Ooh, hot stuff. Luis Figo's Helen Svedin isn't too far behind and all seemed...equally matched! Alright, since she's won the Hottest Footballer's Wife/Girlfriend Poll, why not let me post some pitures of hers! HOT. As usual, I'll keep it work safe and viewable for the general audience!

Good on you, Ashley. Anyway for more of her...more skimpy photos please browse it yourself. HAHA. Yes and I might post PETER CROUCH'S BIRDS PHOTO tomorrow! Haha and no, its not a giraffe don't worry. She's quite hot IF I'm not wrong.


2 - 0 Iran


POR - Deco (63min), CRonaldo (80min);

Rhein Energie Stadion
Czech Republic
0 - 2 Ghana

GHA - A. Gyan (2min), A. Muntari (82min);

What a cracking match! I love it! It was end to end stuff and I think Ghana deserved everything from this game. They started brightly, scored and continued to pile on pressure. The gave little spaces to Pavel Nedved and Tomas Rosicky, unlike the Americans who gave them acres of space to run. Without them, the Czechs looked toothless and the absence of Jan Koller and Milan Baros doesn't help either.

Asamoah Gyan then missed a penalty after Tomas Ujflalusi brought him down in the penalty box. Ujfalusi was then sent off for a professional foul and from then, it was all Ghana's attack from then on. They really could have put 6 or 7 into the net if not for Petr Cech's fine form. He single handedly stopped Ghana from embarassing his home nation and put up several stunning saves but couldn't do much when Sulley Muntari blasted the ball into the top corner of the net.
Well done Ghana! I was cheering you on for most of the match and you won it deservedly. And of course brought glory to African football! All the best!

Fritz-Walter Stadion
Italy 1 - 1 United States

ITA - A. Gilardino (22min);
USA - C. Zaccardo (og 27min);

Red Cards:
ITA - D. De Rossi (28min);
USA - P. Mastroeni (45min), E. Pope (47min);

Italians + Americans = Violence? Hahaha...perhaps!


Anonymous said...

America........f**k yeah!.ha ha played almost the whole 2nd half down a man and still got the point.sad that 2 teams form this group won't go thru.thursday should be interesting.


Drogballs said...

haha! dammit i missed the match. looks like it was a war. interesting. gonna catch the replay again.

Anonymous said...



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