Saturday, July 22, 2006


Sorry, if you're looking for gory pictures, then wrong place! But anyway maybe some of you might be aware that Darren Bent, the Charlton striker, will be out for up to 6 weeks because, he cut his hand when he's making some salads at home. Below are a list compiled by F365 on some really weird injuries suffered by footballers:

1) Famously, Dave Beasant, then with Southampton, stuck out a foot to try and trap a bottle of salad cream that fell from a cupboard and was out for a couple of months while the damaged hoof healed.

2) In 1975, Manchester United goalkeeper Alex Stepney dislocated his jaw shouting at his defence. Beat that Mr Schmeichel.

3) Rio Ferdinand tweaked a knee tendon while watching TV with his feet up on a coffee table in January 2001.

4) Not to be outdone by his cousin, Sir Les Ferdinand missed the end of the 2001-2002 season after injuring his wrist while "messing about at home". Least said the better.

5) Darren Barnard, of Barnsley and Wales, was on the sidelines for several months with knee ligament damage after slipping in a pool of puppy pee.

6) Kevin Keegan missed several matches for Liverpool in the early Seventies with a damaged toe - he'd somehow got it stuck in a bath tap.

7) Perry Groves was on the bench for an Arsenal match when he jumped up to celebrate the Gunners going a goal up. He knocked himself out and needed treatment from physio Gary Lewin.

8) Alan Mullery missed England's 1964 tour of South Africa after cricking his back while shaving.

9) Chic Brodie was run into by a dog while playing in goal for Brentford in 1970 and was so badly injured that his league career was virtually finished.

10) Alan McLoughlin of Portsmouth tore tendons in his arm picking up his baby daughter in 1994 and was out for a month.

11) Michael Stensgaard, then a Liverpool reserve goalkeeper, dislocated his shoulder trying to stop an ironing board from falling over. He was out for six months.

12) Celestine Babayaro of Chelsea broke his leg somersaulting to celebrate a goal (scored by someone else) in a pre-season match at Stevenage and didn’t make his debut for the Blues until the October.

13) Darius Vassell injured himself while attempting DIY surgery on his own foot with a drill in 2003. Having read that the way to combat a blood blister was to drain the wound, he attempted it - with a power drill. Funnily enough, he made it worse.

14) David Seaman missed the first half of the 1996-97 season after damaging knee ligaments during the tricky task of picking up the television remote control.

15) Supposed hardman David Batty once re-injured his Achilles when his toddler ran over him on a tricycle. Ouch.

16) Kasey Keller knocked out his front teeth in 1998 when he was pulling his golf bag from the boot of his car.

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