Monday, July 17, 2006


If you're not aware, the Aston Villa players had a revolt few days back and wanted Deadly Doug Ellis to get out of Villa. Footballers can be smart some times....

It alleged that physiotherapist Alan Smith could not claim for a cup of coffee on a foreign trip, that Ellis had refused to water the pitch because of a £300 charge and that the players were unhappy at the release of two part-time masseurs.

But Ellis has ridiculed the notion that a club employee would want to claim for something as trivial as a coffee, and has dismissed halting the watering as nonsense.

Two masseurs out of an original four, earning £22.50 per hour, have been released but only because the club claims it is over-laden in that department.

Juan Pablo Angel and Patrik Berger are said to be the only players who regularly use the service and Villa have five qualified physiotherapists who can provide massages.

I can't help but laugh.

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