Wednesday, July 19, 2006



So Hamann made history by becoming the player that spent the least time at a club, by signing for Bolton from Liverpool, and then went on to ditch Bolton for Man City. Of course this puzzled a lot of people as to why Hamann did this. Is it because of a miscommunication between Liverpool, Bolton and ManCity? Or is there any other reason...

THE real reason why Didi Hamann snubbed Wanderers has been revealed . . . the Bolton accent!

The German midfielder had signed a contract to join Bolton and was all set to switch to the Reebok earlier this month.

But Hamann, who was being released by Liverpool, began to have second thoughts after he learned Manchester City were prepared to double his contract offer from Bolton to two years.

And the clinching factor in changing his mind came when he popped in for a burger near Wanderers' ground reports today's Sun.

They report: "Hamann, 32, was shocked to discover that he could hardly understand a word any of the locals were saying.

"A source revealed: "Didi speaks decent English but with a heavy Scouse accent having spent seven years on Merseyside.
Now you know, it's because of the accent. But I have a question. Why can't he understand the Bolton accent if he can understand Jamie Carragher??

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