Sunday, July 16, 2006


Benitez Confident Of Alves Deal:-

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez remains confident he can seal a deal for Sevilla fullback Daniel Alves.

Benitez says the Spanish club's stance over their £12 million asking price is merely a negotiating tactic and is adamant that his friendship with the Seville president will see the deal go through.

The Mirror says Rafa has told friends that "however long it takes I will get him."

Drogballs: What a man! I bet Alves is crying now, after reading this. Such a faithful man, hard to find eh? Anyway I really hope Alves does come to Anfield. I could sense that he is eager to join, it's just that Sevilla are trying to be funny and holding us hostage. Anyway in Rafa we trust, even if he doesn't come, I'm confident he'll bring in someone else.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that he plans to play him as a RW more than a RB.Steve Finnan had a great season at RB. I rather Rafa chase Alves than chase Kuyt.Their asking price for Kuyt is way too much.I don't think he's that great and his poor World Cup showing,only makes me wonder how much of an impact he'll have in the EPL.If he does come to Anfield I hope I'm wrong about him.


rafalution said...

I hope Alves is as good a player as rafa rates him, but more importantly how good will he be playing in midfield not his natural position.

Drogballs said...

Hmm yea, I'll rather see him than Kuyt actually. But now we need a right-mid and also a striker, which I can't see us signing anyone above 10mil.

and I've seen Alves play and I'm impressed. He's not someone that's full of tricks, but does his job well and actually can dribble pretty decently. Suits right mid more than a right back.

cheers :D