Friday, July 21, 2006


Marco & Zidane Found Guilty!

Former France captain Zinedine Zidane and Italy defender Marco Materazzi were both fined and banned by FIFA on Thursday after the head-butting incident that marred the World Cup final on July 9.

Zidane, who has retired as a player, was fined £3260 and handed a three-match ban by FIFA's five-man disciplinary committee following his red card for head-butting Materazzi.

As he is no longer a player, he offered to undertake three days of community service on FIFA's behalf which the committee accepted.

The Italian defender, who admitted insulting Zidane, provoking the Frenchman's head-butt, was handed a two-match ban and fined £2170. He attended a hearing last Friday.

The bans apply to international competitive matches, even though it is a symbolic ban for Zidane who has confirmed he has no intention of reversing his decision to quit the game.

Drogballs: What fooking drugs are you on, FIFA(s)? This is really getting into a big joke and will always be remembered for generations to come. Okay, so a retired legend, who was found guilty in headbutting another fellow player, was banned for 3 matches, FOR WHAT? I mean, fine, he's retired. But what's with that 3 days community service? It's really turning into a farce and again underlined how inept FIFA can be sometimes.

What about Marco Materazzi. He got 2 match ban for getting a headbutt and then fined for a paltry sum of money, that I think he'll rather use them as his toilet paper rather than handling them back to Sepp Blatter.

What a bad joke. FIFA. For the good of the game. MY ARSE.

From my point of view. They should've just given stern warnings to the players and alright, fine Zidane for his misconduct. But seriously, who's words do you believe? Zidane said Marco insulted his mam and sis while Marco said no. Any alibis? No. So who can be sure of who's talking the truth while who's talking shit?

Whatever the case, they shouldn't have perseued it further. Just make the two players appear infront of the press, make them shake hands, say a few words of apologies and get on with it. That is all.

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