Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Liverpool Among Top Seeds In Champions League

But of course, we need to qualify first before we can be credited with the honour of being one of the top elite clubs in Europe. The draw for the qualifier will be drawn on the 28th July and if Liverpool successfully enter the competition, they will not face any of the top sides in Europe as well as Chelski (NOT AGAIN) and the fellow English teams. Chelski meanwhile, will face one of the top seeded teams (not Liverpool for sure due to country protection). Below are the ranking:

Top Seeds:

1 Barcelona (Spa) 127.0pts
2 Real Madrid (Spa) 120.0
3 Inter Milan (Ita) 112.0+
4 Liverpool (Eng) 105.9
5 Arsenal (Eng) 101.9
6 Man Utd (Eng) 100.9
7 Valencia (Spa) 95.0
8 Lyon (Fra) 89.7

Second seeds:

9 Porto (Por) 87.5
10 PSV Eindhoven (Hol) 81.6
11 Bayern Munich (Ger) 80.9
12 Chelsea (Eng) 79.9
13 Roma (Ita) 76.0
14 Ajax (Hol) 60.6
15 Celtic (Sco) 60.0
16 Lille (Fra) 54.7

Okay, this standing looks more reliable than that sh*tty FIFA World Rankings. It's based on club performances in Europe over the years and this bring me to another point, that is..

Chelski 2nd Seed? So Fooking What?

Yes, so I was reading the Newpaper today and was kinda shocked to see some biased newsreporting, okay maybe not. I'm not someone that takes the Newpaper seriously anyway. So this dude was complaining about why Chelski should be among the elites and should be awarded the top seeds. But come on, what has Chelski done in Europe for the past 5 years, bar the last 2-3 years when Abramovich came and bought them some toys and made them rich? Can you remember the Chelski of old? Mediocre at best and did they even win a European cup? The answer is of course NOT.

If I'm working for UEFA, I would've done the same thing anyway. What they have achieved over the years should not be glorified further and it's just a taint in planet football. The type of mentality they have imparted is wrong and do all the commentator really MEAN it when they say 'Chelsea brought freshness to the Premiership' ? My ar*e. Their presence does bring more competitiveness to the league, but are they really challeging in the fair way? When you have Duff, Robben, Cole, SWP and so many others playing in the same team, is it just squad depth, or just undermining a player's career? Why do they try to stop others from signing a player by upping the price? Why do they tap up other team's player? Why do they have a bunch of players that have absolutely no respect? You know the answer, right?

How much they've spent on players, we ALL know. You can safely say they bought their way to success. But did you ever see me complain about how ManYoo splash 24mil on a player? No, because they EARNED it themselves since their founding day and due to their excellent management, they have the achievement today. Chelsea? They'll be remembered just for having a f*cking sugar daddy, spoon feeding them while Mr. Abra milks motherland for more cash and roubles.

Sorry for another senseless rant, but I think Chelsea deserves this, absolutely.


Anonymous said...

I could'nt agree with you more

Kinda off topic,but I just watched Green Street Hooligans,a GREAT movie btw.I had to laugh when a rival supporter told him "have you ever heard of a Chelsea grin".He then proceeded to shove a credit card in Elijah Wood's mouth.I thought that was pretty funny.


Drogballs said...

I heard about that movie but didn't have the time to watch it. Hahaha.