Thursday, July 20, 2006


Chelsea will push through a £4 million deal for Roberto Carlos - on request of Arkady Abramovich!

Arkady, Roman Abramovich's 12 year-old son, is a massive fan of the Real Madrid superstar and the Mirror says the Brazilian remains a big enough name on the world stage to expand Chelsea's global market.

That is the reason why Chelsea are set to sign BOTH Roberto Carlos and Arsenal left-back Ashley Cole.

Spanish sources say Roberto Carlos will meet with Real coach Fabio Capello and sports director Predrag Mijatovic tomorrow to make a final decision over whether to stay in Madrid or accept a lucrative move to London.

Drogballs: So, they will splash a few million on a player on request from the Russian milker's son. Oh, so very nice from them, eh? I think this sums up everything about Chelski and this make my blood boil. Oh how planet football hates those scummers.

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