Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Was browsing through F365 forums as usual and saw this really interesting post about how some clubs have weird club emblems and badges. Below are the suggested list of teams that should change their badge.

Oxford United

Erm, it's just wrong. It looks like an ox that is completely knackered and about to fall asleep. Rather cartoonish, eh?

Dunfermline Athl.

A club with a really weird name. And the club emblem didn't disappoint us. Looks like, a haunted house. Or rather those houses you read in fairy tales, made of candies.

Buxton the deer, or the buck, going to commit suicide by jumping down the cliff?

Tottenham Hotspur

Never, EVER put a cock together with a ball. It just doesn't mix well and it'll be a laughing stock.

Winner: Millwall

What do you see from this badge. 2...lions? And...a flattened Batman? Okay take a look with a different perspective. Firstly, it looks like a clown's face. See? The 2 'red stuff' are the eyes, the flattened Batman is the nose and the words below makes it looked like its grinning.

Uhm, and, are the two 'lions' trying to do a high-five?

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