Tuesday, September 05, 2006


"Steven Gerrard's best position is right-back, John! He should playing there for England!"

"He's not a world class player! Benitez knows it and therefore he made Xabi Alonso the playmaker, not Gerrard. And that's why Rafa pushed him out wide to the right!"

Those are the words from ESPN's 'FOOTBALL PUNDIT', Shebby Singh. I've long been ciiticising his comments on shows and all along I thought he was a pretty sh*t pundit. Today, those words just confirmed that he IS.

Seriously, WATCH SOME FOOTBALL before spouting some utter rubbish on a show called Football Focus, not some drunken discssion when everyone's pissed and taking it as a joke.


Hafiz said...

I was like 0.0 .. am i watching the right channel .. or izit american football .. jeez .. get a life shebbs .. totally bollox ..

Drogballs said...

lol. I've written in to Football Focus anyway. Hope I got the email right!

Hafiz said...

thank god .. jeez .. drog, you should take shebs place .. and ask him wad alcohol was he drinking, it really made him high