Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Feel The Love, You Reds !

Liverpool were today unveiled as England's most popular team amongst rival fans in a poll conducted by a national men's magazine.

Weekly magazine Nuts commissioned the poll to try and find out who the country's football fans considered their second favourite club behind their own team.

The results made interesting reading with 15% of all those asked revealing Liverpool would be their 'second' team or the club they'd most like to achieve success after their own side.

Liverpool topped the pool by a clear 5% with West Ham United and Wigan coming in second and third respectively. Aston Villa finished bottom of the Premiership popularity table with Arsenal and Chelsea completing the relegation places.

"Liverpool have provided a huge amount of entertainment, over the last year or so starting with the Champions League win and culminating in the stunning Steven Gerrard goal in the FA Cup Final," explains Gershon Portnoi, the Nuts Sports Editor.

"I think The Toon's popularity may have taken a dip during Graeme Souness' time at the helm. It's great to see Wigan and West Ham up there. Everyone loves an underdog and they certainly entertained and gave many of the bigger clubs a scare last season."

The Premiership Popularity Table in full

1. Liverpool: 15%
2. West Ham: 10%
3. Wigan: 9%
4. Newcastle: 8.5%
5. Tottenham Hotspur: 7%
6. Bolton: 7%
7. Charlton: 6%
8. Manchester United: 6%
9. Portsmouth: 5%
10. Manchester City: 4%
11. Watford: 3.5%
12. Reading: 3.5%
13. Everton: 3%
14. Fulham: 3%
15. Blackburn 3%
16. Sheffield United: 2.5%
17. Middlesbrough: 2.5%
18. Chelsea: 2%
19. Arsenal: 1.5%
20. Aston Villa: 1%

Drogballs: I can't believe it! Chelsea has got more closet fans than Arsenal! Maybe the lack of Englishmen.....oh you cockneys...

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