Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Stadium Latest

A report in Monday's Daily Post provides an exclusive update on Liverpool FC's proposed new stadium on Stanley Park - and a timetable of action including the demolition of the current Anfield stadium by December 2009.

According to the report city politicians will meet this Friday and make a landmark decision to lease the part of Stanley Park the Reds want to build their new 60,000 seater stadium, it will trigger a £240m regeneration of north Liverpool, with the football club needing to put together a package of £180m to fund the stadium by the end of the month.

Construction work for the new stadium is pencilled in for January 2007, with the stadium hosting it's first match in August 2009. By May 2010 the club hope to have completed all three phases in the regeneration and construction process, including a new Anfield Plaza on the existing site home of the club.

Drogballs: It's one of those things in life, to move on. Anfield has proven to be Liverpool's battleground for the past century and maybe, it's time to move on. The current capacity of Anfield is around 44,000 and compare it to Old Trafford and the new Emirates Stadium, it's far too small and in other words, we're lagging behind in terms of the gate receipts and executive box sales. Moving to the new stadium would mean Liverpool will finally be able to compete with the other big teams financially.

We have been falling behind for quite awhile already and we have to move on, although I fear the spirit of Anfield can never been replaced. I hope as we move on, the soul of the club will still be around and not getting it renamed like Carlsberg Park, commercialising it kills Liverpool, a brand of tradition, THE brand for football.

But I think we still need people to invest in the club itself. I don't think we're financially powerful enough to build it by ourselves. Hopefully some rich bloke who's passionate for football decides to lend us a hand.


SoccerGuy said...

That's great to hear another wonderful stadium on the way. But my concern is, since it's still at Stanley Park, does it mean that it's nearer to Goodison? Anfield has already been close enough to create some stirring, what consequences (in view of the benefits) would the new stadium bring?

Drogballs said...

Then tear down Goodison and move them to the nearby sewer! HAHA!

Maybe being too close isn't too good. But doesn't matter really..I THINK.