Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It's All Going In One Circle, Right?

Chelsea Issue Statement...

Chelsea claim unhappy French defender William Gallas sensationally threatened to score an own goal and refused to play for the club before he was sold to Arsenal as part of the deal which took Ashley Cole to Stamford Bridge.

The statement revealed how he initially refused to play against Liverpool in last season's FA Cup semi-final and how, if selected to play against Manchester City in the first game of this season, he threatened to score an own goal, get sent off or make deliberate mistakes.

The club statement read: "Chelsea believes it is important for our supporters to be made aware of the full facts regarding William Gallas and the lack of respect he showed to the fans, the manager and the club.

"The issue was purely one of money, despite his public comments that he wanted a new challenge, to play abroad and so forth. These were just a smokescreen to cover up the fact he was hawking himself to the highest bidder.

Then Gallas Got Pissed:
French defender William Gallas has accused Chelsea of 'hiding behind false accusations' after being stunned by his former club's claim that he threatened to score an own goal.

"I never said that I would score an own goal. I was very firm in my will to leave, that is clear, and I will explain at the appropriate time why.

"If people want to hide behind these eccentric charges to explain my departure instead of assuming their responsibilities in front of their supporters, then they can do.

"All this is very, very petty on behalf of Chelsea. But at the same time, coming on behalf of its new leaders, that does not surprise me. Even if Chelsea has much money, its new leaders lack class."

Drogballs: I have to say that although this has nothing to do with me, because I'm not a Chelsea fan, but it seems like nowadays, there isn't gonna be one day without Chelsea being in the limelight for various reasons. They released a statement to ask Thuram and Domenech to shut up yesterday and then today, they openly questioned William Gallas' commitment to the team just before he left for Arsenal. The thing is, why do they need to bring it up to the public?

One of the reasons I presume, would be to get the Chelsea fans off their back. Understandably, the Chelsea fans were outraged by the sale of William Gallas, and more so for moving across to London rivals Arsenal. This piece of 'revelation' will somehow divert the attention of the fans to William Gallas, who was being portrayed as someone that 'attempted to score an own goal or make a mistake' in a match.

My point of view would be of course, both sides are wrong.

William Gallas, an accomplished defender and has served Chelsea well over the years, throwing his toys out of his pram when things doesn't go his way and IF (big IF) he really did what Chelsea claimed he did, then he's a proper prick of the highest order.

Somethings I don't understand about this footballers. Are they turning into a bunch of overpaid pansies and prima-donnas? When one signs a CONTRACT, they are supposed to hold onto it and show commitment to the club, no? As a professional, one should perform his job and ensure he does it to his best no matter the circumstances are. Look at Robbie Fowler and Jamie Carragher. Who'd thought they're EVERTON fans. But do they go on to score own goals (maybe Carra did unintentionally, heh) and screw up the club? No, they showed commitment and passion for the club, earned respect from fans and I admire them for that. I personally would NOT play for Everton, but that's they're job, and they witheld it with dignity.

Chelsea? Again, acting like a big kid, pertulent and selfish. As I've said, they tried to divert the attention to Gallas and portray themselves white as snow. But look this way, they might just be trying to destabilise Arsenal. They went on public to blast Gallas will probably be a cause for concern for maybe, let's say, the Arsenal players. What would they think of Gallas after hearing this sort of news? Doubt, presumably.

Loyalty? No more. It's all bought. And money now makes planet football go round. Sad state, indeed.

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