Thursday, September 07, 2006

To Celebrate The 400th Post

Have Some Jokes (Might Be Offensive!)

1) What does NASA stand for?
Need another seven astronauts

2) Where did the shuttle pilots go on holiday?
All over Florida

3) Official drink of the shuttle?

4) Q: What causes paedophilia?
A: Sexy children

5) Last words?

Let her drive.

Taken from ThisIsAnfield, my favourite Liverpool blog! Congrats for making it to the Top 100 websites on the FHM magazine!


The Bengali Fob said...

Congrats on writing you're 400th post! There's more to come yet and your readers can't wait! Keep it up /d^_^b\

Drogballs said...

Hey thanks so much for your support! Keep it up fr your blog as well!