Saturday, September 09, 2006

Terribly Inept Performance On Merseyside Derby

Toothless Upfront, Careless Behind. Stop The Tinkering And Get Back To Basics

Everton 3 - 0 Liverpool

EVE - Cahill (24min), A Johnson (36, 90+4)

You know how pissed I'm right now? I started typing this even before Graham Poll blew the final whistle and as I was just uploading the photos, we conceded the third. I must say, how f**king awful were we on a bloody derby day. I'm not a scouser and I don't understand much about this derby day rivalry, but if this is not a derby, I WOULD have been pissed like this as well.

Again I have no idea what's with Rafa and his tinkering with the squad. I know the excuses will be 'oh, we have players on international duty' But we really need to stick with a constant squad for the players to gel and form some chemistry instead of chopping and changing every week and players will find it very difficult. The decision to start Fowler instead of either Bellamy or Kuyt has came to haunt us and starting the unfit Carragher costs us the game. He was such a rock in the defence and such a consistent performer but instead, gifted Everton the all important second goal.

The ENTIRE backline was horrendous throughout, only Finnan deserved a credit for trying his best to provide the width on the right vacated by Gerrard. Hyypia continued his terrible form, showing lapse of concentration and looks very uncomfortable against Andy Johnson, for who I thought, was BRILLIANT throughout the game.

I thought Liverpool's best player by a mile have to be Momo Sissoko. He was everywhere and he showed good passes and was surprisingly composed most of the time. But he can't be everywhere and the Spanish duo of Xabi Alonso and Garcia were poor, or beyond poor. Alonso occasionally passed the ball well but still looked well off pace and Garcia looked everywhere but to no effect. Gerrard fizzled out when we needed him the most and could not provide neither the width or the guile to breakdown the resillient Everton defence marshalled brilliantly by Yobo and Lescott.

Crouch was isolated but showed a few good touches and SHOULD HAVE STAYED ON TILL THE FINAL WHISTLE. His presence was sorely missed when Gerrard and Finnan put crosses into the box and there was ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IN THE GOD DAMN PENALTY BOX. Even when we're still 2-0 down, we didn't apply the nesccesary pressure on them and Everton looked comfortable throughout.

Dirk Kuyt worked very hard for the team and could've scored. We should have another penalty as well, but was waved away by Graham 'One More Card' Poll. Riise was carried off after 10 minutes on the field and I'm worried for him. We might have lost the game but I hate to lose a player as well.

I must re-emphasize that I'm not angry that we lost this game, but I'm angry at HOW we lost this game. Where are the passion lads? Where's the fighting spirit we've seen at Istanbul and not long ago at Anfield? I'm absolutely worried about the prospect of playing PSV next, Chelsea the following weekend and then a host of other big teams like ManYoo and Arsenal.

We need to stay calm, stop laying fingers and hopefully this loss will spur the players further on, like the 4-1 lost to Chelsea last season. We got back on momentum from then on and I seriously hope we can get back to basics and learn to grind out the win once again. I don't give a shit if we play ugly football, but for now, we need the results fast and start to build the momentum. We could not afford to take a step forward then 2 steps back now. It's a crucial period and we need to get back on track fast.

I'm pissed, but I'd rather give a more indepth view on things rather than going on the blame game and knee jerk reactions. No team can win every game they play, hopefully we can bounce back against PSV and stop all the talks and start walking the walk. Still a long, long season ahead and we cannot afford to crumble only after 3 games.

Come on you Reds, I know you're capable of better performances and I'm sure we can bounce back from this heartbreaking defeat.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the loss. It's just the starting phase of the league campaign. Why Liverpool lost? Well, I feel that Liverpool has a great problem, which started to surface last season, and till today, it is still not solvee. The problems lie with the strikers. Rafa spent money on big names like Dirk Kuyt and Craig Bellamy but they are not sure-score strikers. Well, nevermind about the loss. Look forward to the future.


Drogballs said...

Thanks for the words, very much appreciated :) I feel that yes, it lies with strikers, but we need to find a successful pairing for the strikers. Because we chop and change too much and strikers need time to gel and form the chemistry.

Certainly hoping for a better show next week.

Emma said...

It was rather heartbreaking. I mean, I adore Cahill, he was one of the main reason I even watched the Aussies in the WC, but blah! And Andy fricking "Can't Score Goals without getting caught offside" Johnson? For Pete's sake! Well, yes, actually, for Peter's sake, Crouch, score some goals! And the defence from Liverpool was a joke. And our goalkeeping! Oh dear.

So yes. It stings.

blue champions said...

Bad loss. Anyway, the team has quality to bounce back and be counted.

Drogballs said...

MDR - Hey, Cahill always scores against us and I always thought he's a pretty handy player. Andy Johnson ran Hyypia and Carra to ground and have an excellent game. Yes and Reina...time for him to be dropped perhaps.

Blue champs: Hey thanks for the encouragement. I remember you guys tonked us 4-1 last season and we went on to win the next 10.

Anonymous said...