Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is The Chelsea Website...

Written By A 16-Year Old?

My pal sent me the link last night, claiming he's outraged at what Chelsea has became (he's a Chelsea fan, sherlocks). He can't believe that the club actually released an 'official club statement' in this manner:

Keep quiet Thuram and Domenech

Chelsea Football Club has the following statement on the international career of Claude Makelele.

The statement says:

Ill-considered comments regarding Claude Makelele's international career continue to come from the French camp, in particular Lilian Thuram, and the French national team coach, Raymond Domenech.

José Mourinho was correct in giving strong backing for our player, and he was fully supported by Chelsea FC on this.

Thuram and Domenech appear not to appreciate a manager's support for his player. They also fail to understand José Mourinho's comments regarding "slavery" which were purely a metaphor to illustrate the Makelele problem, a figure of speech rather than a literal comparison with slavery as a social and political issue.

As a result of their failings, deliberately inflammatory comments will only cloud a problem which is on its way to being resolved.

So now, who does Chelsea think they are to ask the 2 of them to shut up, unless they're Chelsea's slaves? Oh, hang on a second. Raymond 'Nutter' Domenech and Lilian Thuram commented on Mourinho's claim that Makelele was a slave to the French national team. Although I do not have ANY experience in PR (public relations) matters, I would've thought a more appropriate way to 'shutting' them up would be:

"Chelsea FC would like to express their disappointment in the comments made by Domenech & Thuram"

Alright, somewhere along the line. You just can't say 'HEY YOU BOTH JUST SHUT THE H*LL UP!' and expect them to really shut up. Now you know why nobody really respect them as a club and everyone just can't stand them.

Class-less. From the top to the bottom.


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Hey Drogballs, the History of Famous Soccer Clubs (Part III) is done.


Drogballs said...

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