Monday, September 04, 2006

Robinson Breaks Record

England goalkeeper Paul Robinson did not touch the ball for a total of 42 minutes 51 seconds during Saturday's stroll against Andorra. His spell of inactivity stretched from a goal-kick shortly before half-time to a picking up a pass from Ashley Cole just before full-time.

Robinson has now kept eight clean sheets in the last nine England internationals - only Peter Shilton back in 1989 can claim a better record (nine in ten games).

Drogballs: Presumably, he doesn't touch the ball much in a penalty shoot-out either....


Anonymous said...

lol...hes no Pepe

hey would you happen to know of any website that would be carrying the game? I was lookin' foward to the game only to be dissapointed FSC is not showing the game,its not even on PPV.I was quite shocked that their not showing it they had both games on last year instead they will have Arsenal vs Boro yuck!


Drogballs said...

Hey, I'm not so sure about the streams, because I subscribed to cableTV at home, so most of the matches will be shown. But if you want, then I have a link: . I think that might help. Cheers!