Sunday, July 02, 2006

Brazil Are Not Unbeatable, Dammit!



FRA - Henry (57min);

What a tame and meek exit from the current world champions, Brazil. In the World Cup '98 Finals rematch, Brazil were being found out and Zidane turned on his masterclass to guide France through to the semi finals. Thirry Henry refuted all claims (including from ME) that he's a big game bottler by scoing the one and only goal in the game, and it was an important one indeed. In a match where Brazillians found it hard to crack down the French defence well marshalled by the 'Uncles', Thuram and Gallas, the French pick Brazil off at will from counter-attacks, where they struggled to defend against even when they're against Ghana and Japan.

This is like a deja vu for fans and players alike I guess. It's possibly one of the most one-sided match in this World Cup and it's shocking to see the one of the wrong side are the samba boys. But to be honest with you, I've been totally unimpressed by them thus far, so it's fair that the French beat them fair and square, without controversies of Ronaldo being possesed by 'pontianak' or whatsoever. But yet again the big man was again annonymous like he did in 1998 Finals and this might be the end of his World Cup career.

But give credits to the French team, or the Les Blues. They reminds me of a marathon runner that starts slow (drew with Switz and Korea), starts to pick up (win over Togo and Spain) and finishing the race strongly with all the strength and energy reserved for the last dash. They made almost everyone ate their words, as we're all so critical of them during the first stage of the competition, where they stumbled and tripped their way to the second round with some luck. But they say hard work is 70& of the winning 'recipe', and the other 30% is luck.

Since their disappointing draw against the Swiss and Koreans, the old men of the team really shone, and they stood up and be counted this time round. Zidane, Vieira and Makalele were poor in the first 2 games, but their performance since then was commendable. Vieira and Makalele snuffed out the tripple threat of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Kaka, while Thuram and Gallas behind them would clean up the mess. Zidane once again showed why he's the best player in this very era by making the field his own, dancing around with grace and with the ball at his feet. Look how he jink and spinning past 3 Brazillian players is just pure joy to watch. Who needs the Samba Boys when there is already a master of football in France, borned in Algeria.

A Tribute To Zinedine Zidane

Ronaldinho? He could've been more consistent with his brilliance, but until he actually starts doing that, I'm always gonna say Zinedine Zidane is the best footballer in the planet right now, in terms of skills, gracefulness on the ball and of course his personality. He's likeable, lovable and a living role model to everyone. His life's like a testimonial to everyone on the planet that if you dared to dream, it will happen if you're willing to. His down to earth personality draws people's admiration to him in a different way from those of Beckham and CRonaldo. His contribution and impact to football in this very era will leave a legacy behind and lets hope this World Cup will be a good one for him, as this will be his final swan song before he retires and we might never see Zinedine Zidane grace our football grounds again. Thank you Zizou for the magic. You're the MAN.

And Allez Les Bleus for the good showing. Good luck!

Semi Finals #2:

July 5th, 3am



Anonymous said...

I went back to sleep after the England game,I was kind of heartbroken after that match.I woke up around the 86th minute and was supprised with the score.Brazil at no time in the tournament did they look like real contenders.We all respected the players they have so they got a free pass and just like England they're paper champions!

BTW nice to see you posted that video


Drogballs said...

yea i was quite disgusted by the England loss so didn't write much on it due to my..moodiness haha.

yea i heard the video went all the way to Taiwan and they showed it on their news.

The Bengali Fob said...

Brazil's performance was soo bad that I began cheering for France! I didn't see any of Brazil's magic! For Brazil's sake, I hope the French win it or else they'll be remembered for losing to the second place winner.

Go Zidane Go!

Anonymous said...

Zidane wasn't born in Algeria. He is born in Marseille, France