Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Conclusion Of The Poll (Sarcasm & Stereotype Alert):

Not alot of votes eh, but I appreciate it. Okay anyway red hot favouites & host, Beer drinking Germans is your choice for the World Cup '06 Winner and maybe, rightly so. They have been consistently good from the first game and scored lots of goals. They are the most impressive teams out of the 4 and deserved the place in the last 4. But can they get a place in the finals? They have overwhelming support, but support means pressure too. Can they withstand the pressure, or crack under it?

The Oscar nominated Portugese side, favourites among the ladies because of erm, one man, oh wait, one good looking kid is in the second place. They're organised and seemed to me, the pluckiest side of the 4. Let's see if they can continue to be lucky against the 'Dad's army', Les Bleus.

The Dirty Italians and Ageing & Frog eating French are on par with 3 votes each.

May the best team win. And don't take my comments too seriously. I'm just kidding!

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