Monday, July 03, 2006


Rooney vs Cronaldo Saga (Now With Videos)

So, it's all controversies and no answers for this saga. It seemed like it's getting more complicated everyday with people like Gerrard and Lampard coming out and taking a shot at Cronaldo while Cronaldo pleaded innoncent on his action and claimed he only said 'Did you see that?' to the Argentinian referee. I have mentioned on the previous post that the cameras caught Cronaldo doing the 'winking at the Portugese bench' and also the 'headbutt on Rooney' incident and let me present you with the video.

Watch this with your volume turned off if you don't want the 'analyst' to sway your viewpoint, because Alan Shearer and Ian Wright are commenting on the incidents based on their views.

Incident #1: Rooney was fouled. Referee held back his whistle. Rooney furious and aimed a kick at Carvalho's groin. Referee trying to figure out the punishments. Cronaldo ran some 30-40 yards just to say 'DID YOU SEE THAT?', claimed himself. Rooney still really p*ssed, had a go at Cronaldo and shoved him. Referee saw that and straight away, he asked Rooney over and presented him the red card.

Drogballs' View: Cronaldo is not at all at fault for running over to where the incident took place. Anyone would have done that, maybe even Rooney himself if the one got hit in the groin is Terry instead. BUT, the talking point would be what Cronaldo said to the referee that made Rooney so p*ssed. Nobody knows, only Roon, Ron and the Ref. And I still stand by my views on whether Rooney did the stomp intentionally. To me, it was not an accident. He clearly aimed a kick at his groin. You could disagree of course.

Incident #2: Rumoured that right after Rooney was sent off, Cronaldo was seen 'winking' at his Portugese team mates. A short and swift one.

Drogballs' View: I'm not too sure about this really. Who knows when did they shot this 'wink', maybe it was shot at another time which we cannot be sure of. Maybe it doesn't mean anything but just a little wink at his friends on the bench. Who knows? Only Cronaldo of course.

Incident #3: Before Kick-off, Pauleta was talking to Rooney in the centre circle. As Cronaldo approaches, Pauleta pointed at him and Cronaldo walked behind Rooney and gave him a light headbutt from behind and gave a stare. Rooney was surprised and seemed to be taken aback.

Drogballs' View: This has to be the more controversial one out of the three. We know they are ManYoo team mates and should be good friends. And we know that when it comes to playing for national team, usually players will forget about the club status due to the fact that they are wearing the nation's crest instead of the club's. But is there a need for Cronaldo to do that? I see that as every bit of an intentional wind up and to intimidate Rooney, whom we all know is short-fused. The stare by Cronaldo at the end says it all.

Who's fault? YOU decide.


Anonymous said...

Ronaldo's off to Spain I can't see him showing his face in England and no matter what really was said English fans will not forgive him.I guess that was the one bright spot to come from that game Rooney and Ronaldo fued.Imagine if Real Madrid meets Manyoo in the CL.
Oh the drama!


Drogballs said...

ya I guess by doing all this there isnt a way back for the pretty boy anymore. Drama? What about Real Madrid decided not to sign him and he has to stay on. THAT is drama!

amos said...

I wish France beat the crap out of Portugal. I really don't see how Ronaldo is ever going to play in Manchester United.

The ref was too harsh on Rooney, IMO.

Drogballs said...

hey amos,

first of all, welcome!

and yes I'm backing the French to thrash the sh*t out of those Portugese and Zidane to be the star of the show.

CRonaldo is a little stupid there isn't it. he never left a back door for himself and he's not gonna be welcomed in ingerland.

Ref is harsh, yes definitely. That's because he sent Roon off for the wrong foul and its disappointint. Roon too should take up some blame for not able to control his temper.

time for video refereeing and all sorts of technology I guess?

Anonymous said...

First Rooney did stamp on Carvalho, no matter he was being harassed; he did stamp on him (it is an ugly thing to do). He deserved what he got and is to blame for that. If you want to blame someone for his red card blame Carvalho and the other Portuguese player that was in the incident. What does Ronaldo have to do with it? You (English snobs) simply don't like him because you can't stand a non-English star with 21 years old and an attitude. He's just a kid with some stupid reactions, that is true. The problem with England is simply. YOU DON'T LIKE TO LOOSE. And that is shown in the way that your fans behave after loosing a game. England fans are always claiming a position for the national team as if they were kings of the world. What has England's national team achieved? One world cup at home with a BIG HELP!!!!! What great players do you have? Do you have a Zidane, a Figo, a Ronaldinho Gaucho, a Deco, a Ribbery or Henry? Yes you have great players like Beckham (ah ah ah) a billion dollars free kick taker!! The English players (except for Rooney maybe in a good day) don't even know how to dribble, it is just kick the ball and run. Very nice football indeed!!!! You know what? You are going to insult me and say that i am stupid and i know nothing about football but here is the final sentence: You lost with Portugal, which became forth in the world, and you will loose again when you meet the Portuguese in the future because there are more "Figos" and "Ronaldos" in the making, and these players know to play and to make others play. Where are Englands stars?

Anonymous said...

I think that every player that dreams to be a star and win a "best player award" should start headbutting other players in the chest...

"The Big will be Bigger and small will be smaller"

Anonymous said...

Roony is at fault, Ronaldo was playing for his country at that momment, not Man U. I think they are very good friends and when Roony shoved Ronaldo I think he forgot they were not on the same team. Both teams are great, just I think England's problem was the coach, he just simply coudn't get all these stars to play well with each other.

Drogballs said...

hi guys, sorru I didn't see a big debate going on here yes, so sorry about that.

okay I'm going to say..I'M NEITHER AN ENGLISH OR AN ENGLAND FAN. Yea, so i'm still more like a neutral although I'll tend to sway towards the English side because I've been watching the English Premiership for years.

Anyway thanks for your contributions. Healthy discussion is ALWAYS welcomed here. Cheers!

Anonymous said...



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