Saturday, July 08, 2006


Franz Beckenbauer has called for a footballing summit to crack down on diving and cheating.

The former World Cup-winning captain and coach, and head of Germany's 2006 organising committee, said players are now taking advantage of referees' apparent willingness to award cautions for relatively minor offences.
Beckenbauer - wants summit to solve problems.

Beckenbauer, known as the 'Kaiser', said: "The players are looking for an advantage and they attempt to exploit the situation.

"At the beginning of the tournament, I felt the referees were showing yellow cards too early for trivial offences but the players make it much harder by simulating, and by staying lying on the ground to interrupt play.

"Perhaps everyone - players, referees and administrators can get around a table after this to come up with a solution to put an end to this kind of unfortunate incidents.

"Perhaps there could be a compromise where referees are more generous."

Beckenbauer also wants the rules changed so that any player who tries to get another player booked or sent off by waving an imaginary card at a match official is himself cautioned.

"This is unsporting and unfair," said Beckenbauer.

"I think that whoever asks a referee to give a yellow or red card to another player should get the card himself."

Drogballs: Someone that I have full respect of and to me, he should be the president of FIFA rather than that Sepptic Blatter. He speaks sense and you expect that from someone that have won the World Cup as a player and as a manager. He's a leader on the pitch during his playing days, where his nickname 'The Kaiser' derived from and he's a superb organiser off the pitch. Germany 2006 is a showcase of his organisation skills and leadership qualities. I think he attended all the matches in the World Cup and that shows a lot from someone, who truely loves football. Great man, I'll ask the fat boy not to laugh at you though. HAHA

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