Saturday, July 08, 2006


Lehmann Lets Kahn Have The Number 1 Jersey :-

Lehmann was handed the number one jersey on the eve of the finals and has been brilliant as the hosts made it the semi-final.

Klinsmann said: "Oliver Kahn will play. We owe him that gesture and no-one in this world would begrudge him that privilege. "I have spoken to Jens and he has no problem with it. He is full of compliments for Oliver."

Lehmann and Kahn have waged a very public war of words as they challenged each other for the place in the team over the last decade. The German manager said: "It is a wonderful story about the two enormous - not enemies - but rivals for the same position.

Drogballs: 3rd/4th place isn't that 'glorious' right. So might as well hand the keeper's glove to your rival and if Germany DOES lose to the Portugeezers, then Lehmann will bear no blame. Nah, just a cynical view from me as usual. It's nice to see them being so friendly after all, next up is Fabien Barthez and Gregory Coupet? No, don't think so!

Raymond Domenech Is An English Fan!:-

France coach Raymond Domenech has been reported to FIFA for a foul-mouthed attack on the Portuguese bench.

The Sun says Portugal claim Domenech waited for them in the tunnel after Les Bleus' 1-0 semi-final win - and started screaming: "I f****d you, I f****d you" while laughing in their faces and pointing at them.

The Portuguese claim this led to a bust-up, which involved their boss Big Phil Scolari, with blows exchanged, pushing, shoving, more swearing and FIFA intervention.

Now they want Domenech banned from the touchline for Sunday's final against Italy.

Portuguese spokesman Afonso de Melo said: "His behaviour was rude and insulting."

Drogballs: Portugese deserves it, but so does Domenech. From the beginning I've already named him the nutter for being absolutely weird and some bizarre squad selections. Bet he's fuming that Rooney got sent off, eh?

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