Friday, July 07, 2006


Now we have two major threats to the security of human being on earth! One is North Korea making some weapons (I think they use mentos + diet coke) while Portugal are currently training soldiers that are more than meets the eye! They're gonna take over the world with those soldiers!

Two days ago, an American satellite was doing its usual round of 'voyeur' ing around watching people...nevermind. And to their shock and horror they found something...evil...and it's classified top secret. Drogballs will be the first to bring you the photo taken and it's thanks to my neighbour's girlfriend's uncle's dog's doctor's hairdresser as he's the one that got the photo. Here it is....

Haha, alright I'm still joking about it. Should stop soon. :D The next Olympic, there's hope for Portugal in the pools for synchronised diving! NOTE: I'm not the one that does the Photoshop pictures. I got them somewhere else.

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Anonymous said...

only because england could'nt bet portugal